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September Feature for Brassband

Concertino for Euphonium

Music by: Hendrik de Boer

Published by: Lake Music Publications

Concertino for Euphonium is a unique three-movement solo work (fast-slow-fast) composition from the pen of talented composer, Hendrik de Boer. 

The opening movement excitedly launches straight into full flow, with reference to the score, a 'wild' euphonium phrase, accompanied by cross-rythms from the ensemble at a fast tempo of 144 bpm (it's difficult to not be hit back in awe and suprise). With many changes to key, texture and mood, the first section tactfully entices the audience.

The middle movement shows off the lyrical side to the euphonium, with expressive melodies and heart-warming accompaniment from the ensemble, whilst the third movement is a real tour-de-force displaying the versatility of the instrument and range, as well as relating back to material from previous movements.

Finely crafted and masterfully orchestrated, this composition for euphonium and band is sure to be popular amongst soloists who wish to showcase their virtuosity.

Dan Hall

Young Composer-In-Residence,

Grimethorpe Colliery Band

review adapted from: Brassband World, issue 253, april 2016 

Demo-Recording:  played by  Hendrik de Boer & Brassband 'De Waldsang', 

conducted by Rieks van der Velde

'Concertino for Euphonium'   €70,-

Euphonium & Brassband

Hendrik de Boer 

duration: 10.45

difficulty: difficult/very difficult


'Concertino for Euphonium'   € 21,-

Euphonium & Piano

Hendrik de Boer

duration: 10:45

difficulty: difficult/very difficult